Varaždin County

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Varaždin county / Varaždin county /

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Just below the Drava River, bordering Slovenia, lies Varaždin County. One of the most developed counties in Croatia, it’s a perfect location to explore by bikes.

Varaždin stretches from the Kalnik Mountain on the east, Ivanščica and Varaždin Breg to the south, Drava on the north and Slovenia on the west. Surrounded by beautiful nature on all sides, Varaždin county is best for destination based cycling.

Set up your base in Varaždin and it’s beautiful hotels and explore the region! Pick your poison, and go for long road runs along the Drava, enjoy the beautiful lakes and many marked gravel paths, routes and trails. If that's not challenging enough try one of the climbs on Varaždin Breg, and enjoy thethousand-year-oldd thermal spa of Varaždinske Toplice dating back to the Roman period.

From there you can choose to cycle either east with curved roads all the way towards Ludbreg, or turn right into Zagorje and enjoy climbs of St. Ilija and eventually Ivanscica. Topping 1060 meters, Ivanscica is a challenge for many mountain bikers and a beautiful destination all year round.

Varaždin itself is a city that used to be the capital of Croatia, is famous for its baroque buildings, beautiful forts and numerous festivals and manifestations. Most notable festivals are Špancirovo, the festival of “walkers”, or traditional, antique and baroque traditions paired with many concerts and performances. Thousands flock to Varaždin to perform while hundreds of thousands more come to see the festival.

The County of Varaždin has everything, tall mountains, great plains, beautiful routes along the river Drava, picturesque villages and hundreds of points of interest to keep the curious cyclist entertained.

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