Karlovac County

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A 500-year-old military fort, Karlovac is surrounded by hundreds of legends and myths. A historian Radoslav Lopašić stated that the first base of Karlovac was: “…on 13th of July 1579, on the day of St. Margery when the city was built over nine hundred Ottoman skulls…” Don’t be afraid; it’s nothing more than a myth.

A city on four rivers Karlovac has such rich history, it’s a story in itself. The county of Karlovac was a military zone for years, even centuries, serving as the last bastion of defence against the Ottoman Empire. After it was a Jugoslavian military hub, and now, those behemoths, army barracks and relics are just historical sights ideal for exploration. But that is a story for another time.

What does the modern cyclist wish more than to explore and what is more popular than urban exploration these days?

The county offers you more than 700-kilometress of bike routes, yet the explorer in you can discover much more. You can explore the low-lying Pokuplje, valleys of four Karlovac rivers, rolling karst plateau of Kordun and mountain area of Žumberak Massif, Petrova Gora and Gorski Kotar.

Regardless of whether you’re a recreational cyclist, amateur rider, or a professional, you will find a route well suited to you. Routes can be just a few kilometres up to several hundred long, with a few short climbs. For seasoned riders who enjoy challenging climbs, Karlovac County offers plenty of them, just head towards Gorski Kotar and the mountains to the south.

Karlovac is a place ready to be explored. Hundreds of decommissioned military objects from the 20th-century, dozens of medieval, Renaissance and Baroque buildings in the city of Karlovac itself are a good place to start. Petrova Gora holds a monument from an age gone by that will keep you in awe after you catch your breath from climbing. Medieval ruins, castles of Dubovac, Novigrad na Dobri, Ozalj, Bosiljevo, Tounj, Modruš, Ogulin, Drežnik and Cetingrad, numerous churches and chapels - the county will take care of your appetite for exploration.

You will also cross ancient stone bridges over the Dobra, Mrežnica, Toučnjica Rivers and pass by the renovated mills Rastoke on the Slunjčica Falls. If you ever thought you've ridden through a scenic county, well, you’re in for a treat here. The Rastoke Mills will call your name and make you want to stay and just soak in everything. It doesn’t matter if you stop in the middle of the winter or the height of the summer- the Karlovac County will take you for a spin!

Gastronomic offers along the routes are quite endless, to accommodation in hotels, motels, camps or staying with local families. Karlovac offers many shops and bike services, the hospitality and accommodating attitude of hosts is an additional invitation to come and experience Karlovac County as a cyclotourist.

As the tourist board of Karlovac County would say: “Welcome, and have a pleasant ride through our region on your two-wheeled friend!”

Learn more about cycling in Karlovac County on the official regional tourist board website.

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