Primorje Gorski Kotar County

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The Primorje-Gorski Kotar County sits in western Croatia, which encompasses the Kvarner Bay, the coastal area between Istria and Dalmatia as well as the mountainous region of Gorski Kotar and the area is ready for cyclists in a big way. The county’s centre is Rijeka and also includes the popular islands of Krk, Cres, Rab & Lošinj.

Kick off a cycling adventure in the mountains and experience a real cycling challenge. The evergreen lush surroundings of the picturesque mountainside are perfect for forgetting your troubles. The Cycling Trail of Gorski Kotar is a brand-new series of bike routes that connects riders to the main cities of Gorski Kotar and showcases the area's natural beauty, its cultural and historical attractions and gastronomy.

The Cycling Trail of Gorski Kotar is broken into seven stages, each with varying lengths from 28 km to 43 km and is a whopping 260 kilometres. Two wheelers will revel in more than 5000 metres of climbs and descents. Do them all, or pick your favourites, either way, you will experience the sights and quietness of the mountains.

If the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea are more your calling head to Krk Island - the biggest in the Adriatic. Getting to Krk is easy, with an airport and bridge connecting it to the mainland. Once on land, two wheelers can enjoy all of the walking trails which are also designated for cycling. Krk offers cyclists the chance to ride through a number of traditional fishing villages and ancient towns. Plan a biking adventure around Spring on Wheels, an event centred around the area's cycling routes - used during the event not only for biking but also for scooters and quads bikes.

Serious cyclists can sign up for the 4 Islands MTB Stage Race. An event run by Adria Bike, it has four stages on four islands. The race consists of teams of two riders across four categories ( men up to 45 years, men 45+, women and mixed teams). The thrilling four days takes riders over 270 km of track and climbing 5000 metres. The four island race starts on Krk Island, heads to Rab, then Cres before the magical ending on Lošinj Island.

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