Croatian Bike Routes: Podstrana near Split

By , 17 May 2017, 20:58 PM Races and Rides
Croatian Bike Routes: Podstrana near Split Source: Dinarides Trails

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Category: XCO
Length (km): 12
Ascent (m): 404

Route description:
For the first three kilometres the road is at least 3 metres wide, a combination of concrete and gravel, with a light ascent. Then come a few hard and short climbs, one of them on dirt for 50 metres with an average slope of 20%. Then comes an asphalt road, keep to the right. At kilometre 5 is the old part of Gornja Podstrana and a short single track into a wide gravel for the next five kilometres. Then comes a downhill single trace with a combination of rocks and dirt, be careful. Ahead is a wide road with gravel and then asphalt downhill, after 200 metres comes a sharp turn and then gravel again.

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