All Generations Participate in Oldtimer Bicycle Race in Golden Valley of Požega

By , 22 Aug 2017, 16:05 PM News
All Generations Participate in Oldtimer Bicycle Race in Golden Valley of Požega Pixabay

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How old is your bicycle?

For the fourth year in a row, all generations participated in the old timer bicycle race held in the Golden Valley of Požega, reports on August 19, 2017. 

“Some had to work on their bikes for more than half a year, a luxury that only few can afford. In today's world of bicycles there is something for everybody, and each year newer and stronger products are produced, but I'm still very old in my heart,” says Franjo Radman of Velika, a proud owner of the German bike manufacturer Diamant bicycle from 1938, which is regularly maintained and serviced. All parts are original, except for the tires and wires which had to be changed. At the time when this bike was produced, Radman says, it cost a pretty penny, and since it has become an oldtimer in the meantime, it is not much cheaper today. Radman received the Diamant from a friend as a gift many years ago. Never once did it fail, Radman said.

“Old bicycles are always challenging because very little can be maintained on them. Most of the parts have eaten the tooth of time. Collectors of the old iron do not care for the treasure that was hard to reach 60 years ago,” adds Radman. 

Franjo is a great lover of two wheels and tries to relate his love to the people around him. That said, for the fourth year in a row, he has organized a bicycle tour in the Golden Valley of Požega where bicyclists from all generations from all over Slavonia participate. Only one rule applies - the bicycles must be older than 30 years. 

The tour this year was held on a particularly interesting route from Kutjevo to Velika, along the wine road.

Cyclists embarked from in front of the castle in Kutjevo, driving along the wine road, and rested at the famous Kutjevo winery. 

“We want the reunions from next year to become international. We will invite our friends from the Poni club in Ljubljana and I believe they will respond,” adds Radman. 

Someone even jokingly noticed that Slovenian guests will feel right at home because most of them are riding the old Rog bikes, anyhow. 

What an incredible tradition. 

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