Daniela Rogulj

Daniela Rogulj

Daniela Rogulj was born to Croatian parents in the small, agricultural town of Fallbrook in San Diego, California. Having grown up with a rich Croatian culture, Daniela has never associated herself as American, but firstly Croatian (and Dalmatian!). With a few trips to the homeland under her belt before she had graduated high school, Daniela moved to San Francisco, California to pursue Political Science at San Francisco State University. After she achieved her Bachelor’s Degree, her dreams of being a Political Journalist fell short as she was quickly recruited into the ever growing tech industry that is very alive in San Francisco. Having worked at various tech start-ups and iPhone app companies, working on marketing and community management, Daniela decided to end her 6 year run in San Francisco and life in California and tried her hand at something new. After moving to and spending a few months in Nashville, Tennessee, fully involved in the music scene and blissfully in love with the city, Daniela was then given an opportunity to move to London and impulsively decided to jump at it. After spending 6 months in London getting quickly acquainted with a new country and lifestyle, Daniela decided to follow her newly retired parents to Croatia to receive her Croatian citizenship. Daniela happily lives in Split, is an avid futbol fan (go Hajduk), and likes to consider herself an ambassador for everything Croatian.

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