8th 4-Day Bicycle Tour through Karlovac County

By , 05 Jul 2017, 13:31 PM News
8th 4-Day Bicycle Tour through Karlovac County Pedala Laganini

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Come join an incredible 4-day bike tour of Karlovac County!

In honor of Victory Day and the Day of Croatian Defenders, SRK Pedal Laganini, under the auspices of Karlovac County, has organized a four day cycling journey for the 8th Bike Tour through Karlovac County! The tour will take place from August 3-8, 2017 from Kupa to Kapela. 

The route of the tour will be circular and will start and finish in Karlovac, cycling a total length of 390 kilometers. The route will visit all of the local government units of Karlovac county, and therefore all 17 municipalities and 5 cities. 

The event hopes to magnify the celebration of Victory Day and the Day of Croatian Defenders, who are celebrated on the 5th of August to commemorate the victory in the war. 

The aim of the County with this tour is to develop sports and recreational activities and raise environmental awareness among the children, youth and adult citizens of the county through their participation in a bicycle ride. During certain sections or stages of the cycle, there will be media presentations showing the natural diversity and wealth of Karlovac County at the local and national level. 

Not many Croatian counties can boast as much diversity as Karlovac can - on the road from Karlovac to the oak Draganički groves, through the valleys and canyons of Kupa, Dobra, Korana and Mrežnica, to the coniferous forests way up high in Kapela above Saborsko, through Kušelj to Rakovica, Slunj and Cetingrad, through all the municipalities and towns of the county.


Day 1: Thursday, August 3, 2017 

125 km - Karlovac-Draganić-Ozalj-Žakanje-Ribnik-Netretić-Bosiljevo-Generalski Stol-Tounj-Ogulin

Day 2: Friday, August 4, 2017

90 km - Ogulin-Josipdol-Plaški-Saborsko-Slunj 

Day 3: Saturday, August 5, 2017

90 km - Slunj-Cetingrad-Lasinja 

Day 4: Sunday, August 7, 2017

85 km - Lasinja-Vojnić-Krnjak-Barilović-Duga Resa-Karlovac

You can find more information on the route and apply here

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