Zadar Bike Magic is Live

By , 24 Aug 2016, 17:39 PM Destinations

Planning a biking trip to the Zadar Region just got easier.

The development of a great tourism product is more than printing a brochure. The success of great biking needs more than a few street signs marking the way. So what does it need? A few things, but namely a plethora of information that can be easily digested.

Cycling destinations in Croatia are coming along very nicely - but many regions lack information that can be found online (hours of researching for this cycling website taught me that!). But, the Zadar Region are one such region who are making waves. Giving tourists what they need - information, before the come and while they are here. 

Mihaela Kadija, the director of the Zadar Region tourist board recently launched Zadar Bike Magic. A website delivered as part of a seven-phase plan in developing the Zadar Region as a key cycling destination.

In 2015 the first three phases were completed. The team did a comprehensive destination analyses, they defined the markets suitable for the region, and then, they undertook a massive project map out the entire area.

The results?

84 bike routes with a total 2800km. Each route has been standardized and classified. There are now three types: Mountain Biking, Road-biking, and family routes. 

Zadar Bike Magic 2The idea of this new initiative was not to pave new roads, or lead tourists to historical destinations, but to give the cyclist a great cycling experience. Mihaela says she wanted to make the "cycling experience rank as one of the best cycling regions in the world." Big call which we love to hear!

In production now are printed maps, and to following with be the education of the accommodation providers in the area to help them meet the needs of the cyclists. 

2017 is looking mighty fine for cyclists heading to the Zadar Region. 

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