Safety Tips for Cycling in Croatia

By , 26 Jul 2016, 10:18 AM Bike gear
Safety Tips for Cycling in Croatia Photo: Katarina Line

We all agree that cycling is fun, a great form of exercise and one the best ways to explore Croatia. But there is a serious side to cycling and if you are not careful cycling can be hazardous.

Here are our safety tips for Cycling in Croatia.

  1. Wear a helmet. It doesn't matter how good a cyclist you are if you fall from a bike and hit your head you will do severe damage. So why take the risk? Wear a helmet that is EU standards approved and wear it ALL the time.
  2. Riding on some of the major roads of Croatia can be scary. Throughout the tourist season, the mainland roads on the coast get quite busy, and you get lots of impatient drivers who can drive erratically. When cycling, plan to avoid roads known to be busy, like the coastal highway between Zadar and Dubrovnik, and take back roads where you can.
  3. Before you start cycling, conduct a pre-ride inspection of the bike to make sure it is mechanically sound. Don't forget to check the tyres and ensure they are inflated appropriately.
  4. Get familiar with the Croatian road rules. Don't assume its the same as your home country.
  5. When riding never overtake cars or trucks for that matter on their left side. Many cyclists have been killed passing a motor vehicle which has turned into them. Also, when passing parked vehicles leave a 1-meter space between you and cars to avoid a collision with an unexpected open door.
  6. Ride with the traffic flow. Remember your bike is a vehicle and needs to obey traffic laws. 
  7. Make sure you are visible by wearing high vis clothing - Fluorescent colours work best. If riding at night the correct lights on your bike.
  8. Never wear headphones or similar. You need to have you full attention on cycling and not listening to music.
  9. Ensure you are well hydrated and have plenty of water available, Croatia gets very hot in Summer. Also, be sure to use sunscreen to protect yourself from burning. On extremely hot days take regular breaks to rehydrate and rest in the shade.
  10. Be predictable. Never forget you are exposed to cars and other vehicles. If they collide with you, you'll be in a world of hurt. Make sure you signal and maintain good lines on the road.
  11. Maintain situational awareness. Keep an eye on what's ahead, occasionally look around and see what coming up behind you as well. When in doubt pull over and stop and take 5 to assess the situation and your safety. 
  12. Lastly, there is no room for two-wheeled bravado and aggression because, in the battle of car vs. bike, the car always wins and you'll end up hurt or worse still.

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