Osijek-Baranja County Celebrates 10 Years of Pannonian Peace Trail

By , 23 Aug 2017, 10:33 AM News
Osijek-Baranja County Celebrates 10 Years of Pannonian Peace Trail Pixabay

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Celebrations will take place at several locations throughout Osijek-Baranja County on Friday and Saturday.

A bicycle race from Batina to Osijek will be held on Saturday to mark 10 years since the opening of the bicycle route "Pannonian Peace Trail" which connects the towns of Sombor and Osijek in length of 80 kilometers, reports Lokalni.Vecerji.hr on August 22, 2017.  

The event will be celebrated at several locations in Osijek and Baranja on Friday and Saturday, but the most interesting part of the event will be the international "Liberty Cycling Race" organized by the Osijek 2010 Bicycle Club and the Vodenica Ecological Association, all under the patronage of the City of Osijek.

“The race will bring together about 100 cyclists. The race will start at Batina at the monument on Saturday at noon, and after 63 kilometers, cyclists will meet their target at Rok's church in Osijek, around 14:00,” said the organizers.

Prizes will be awarded to the competitors at Solarski trg by Vodenice where competitors and other visitors will be treated to a grill, sausages and drinks. 

In addition, the event also includes educational and informative panel discussions and lectures at Barutana on the left bank of the Drava on Friday and Saturday from 14:00-20:00.  This part of the program is titled "Empower". 

Both days will end with music and dance under the program title "History Edition" from 21:00 to 06:00 in the catacombs. Visitors will enjoy renowned names from the local electronic music scene.

Translated from Lokalni Vecernji List

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