Vukovar Srijem County

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Situated in Croatia's far east is Vukovar-Srijem County, where four rivers the Danube, Sava, Bosut and the Vuka run through and dominate the area. This coupled with the county's moderate continental climate Vukovar-Srijem makes for picturesque cycling experience.

With the sweet sounds of the flowing Danube River, nature-loving cyclists should choose the International Danube Bicycle Route. This route begins at the source of Danube River - in Germany, meandering down to the Black Sea, through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, and Croatia. The ride is 2,900 km long. In Croatia, it connects the towns of Vukovar and Ilok in the Vukovar-Srijem County leading bikers through the slopes of Fruška Gora Mountain Range - with its highest point at Čukala at 294 metres. Along the way, riders will also pass many vineyards and small villages.

In Vukovar, an incredible history awaits bikers. The area is known for the Vučedol Culture dating back around 3000 BC. The most notable discovery from this culture is a vessel which is shaped like a bird, richly decorated and named the Vučedol Dove. In addition, the area lays claim to being the home of the Vučedol Orion, considered by many to be the oldest calendar in Europe. No visit to Vukovar is complete without a stop at the Vukovar water tower which has become a symbol of the suffering of the people of Vukovar during the Croatian War of Independence.

Keen bikers who want to see the county from top to bottom can do so on the Sava Route, from Vinkovci in the south to the northeast toward the International Danube Bicycle Route. The point of departure for the Sava Route is Vinkovci, a town inhabited since the Neolithic period and takes riders across to Rokovci, Andrijaševci, Cerna, Gradište, Gunja, Vrbanja, Drenovci and finally to Otok. This route is well suited to riders of all skills and experience and is a round trip so cyclists will return to the starting point in Vinkovci.

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