Viganj MTB Vibes Against the Bura

By , 05 Feb 2017, 10:37 AM Photo of the Day
Viganj MTB Vibes Against the Bura Source: Viganj MTB Vibes

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Viganj MTB Vibes provides unique and demanding MTB rides throughout the Pelješac peninsula. 

Having launched in 2016, Viganj MTB Rides makes sure experienced cyclists are prepared to take on everything the Pelješac peninsula has to offer from guided tours to Bike & Bed locations, and even ensuring you try the traditional food and wine in the area.

We thought this photo against the Bura in Pelješac was more than worthy of our photo of the week. Not to mention their Facebook page boasts some pretty cool videos you should definitely check out as well.

You can find more information on Viganj MTB Vibes here.

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