23 Dec 2016, 11:08 AM

Cycling club Festung from Slavonski Brod is organizing the 11th annual MTB Christmas ride.

22 Dec 2016, 09:47 AM

Tonight, a pre-Christmas night ride will set off in Zagreb. This is the 4th organized Thursday night ride of the group.

20 Dec 2016, 18:38 PM

Today we welcome the first official day of winter - trading our sunglasses and short-sleeves for radiators and jumpers. We thought that instead of shying you away from cycling in the colder months, we’d gear up and give you some tips on how to make a winter ride as easy as a those blissful summer days.

19 Dec 2016, 14:36 PM

The 19th annual Christmas Cycle from Zadar to Vir will take place on 26 December at noon.

18 Dec 2016, 18:26 PM

Djedamrazijada 2016 takes place on Wednesday, 28 December in Slavonski Brod. This cycle sets off to spread the holiday cheer, bringing good spirits on two wheels to those in the town.

17 Dec 2016, 20:53 PM

This traditional Christmas ride is 20 kilometers and begins in Zagreb at Maksimir stadium, with the end goal being PD Gorščica.

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