Croatian Bike Routes: Gacka Valley

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Category: XC+Road
Length (km): 54
Ascent (m): 365
Route direction: Otočac - Švica - Ponori - Prozor - Čovići - Ličko Lešće – Gacka source - Majerovo vrelo - Sinac - Douglas DC3 - Prozor - Otočac

Route description:
The beginning and end of this route is in the very centre of Otočac. Head west toward Švica village. You’ll find a small lake. The route circles around towards the east. This section has several ascent and descents, while the rest of the route is mostly level. After the highway crossing the route leads to the Gacka river. Further on right on local roads to Ličko Lešće and the source of the Gacka. Before Ličko Lešće the route takes the D50 road. Gacka river has several sources and many confluents through Gacka valley to Otočac. After Tonkovića Vrilo head north to Majerovo Vrilo. Here you can view ancient mills that are still used. From Majerovo Vrilo head to Sinac village and then west to D50. Along the road you will come across a Douglas DC3 airplane. Soon after head left beck on the road to Otočac.

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