BK Barkan Invites Cyclists to Otočac for the 11th Barkan Bike Tour!

By , 26 Jun 2017, 09:03 AM News
BK Barkan Invites Cyclists to Otočac for the 11th Barkan Bike Tour! BK Barkan

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Otočac is located in the northwestern part of Lika, in the Gacka river valley.

The 11th Barkanijada (Barkan Bike Tour) will be held on July 1, 2017, in Otočac! The race is organized by BK Barkan.

This year’s event will have two races: A longer Barkanijada which is 25 kilometers and goes from Otočac - Kuterevo, or a shorter path is only 13 kilometers along the Barkan Trail.

The races will both begin from Franjo Tudjman Square (City Park) in front of the Croatian Radio Otočac 

The shorter Barkanijada will begin at 14:00, and the longer Barkanijada will begin at 15:00. 

Participants will gather at the Central City Park, Otočac, to register from 12:00 to 14:45.

Participation is open to cyclists and people with a sporting spirit, individuals and families, and anyone interested from the ages of 7-77 years is encouraged to join. Those younger than 15 years old can take part in this cycling spectacle with the consent of parents. 

Registration fee:

Long Barkanijada (25 km) is 50 HRK

Short Barkanijadu (13 km) is 20 HRK 

Participants of the cycling race will receive:

Medical assistance, technical assistance, joint dinner at Kopija-Kuterevo, refreshments on the course (feed zone), and a cycling shirt. 

There will also be an evening program at Kopija-Kuterevo.

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