Croatian Bike Routes: Kreševo to Katuni in Omiš Hinterland

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Croatian Bike Routes: Kreševo to Katuni in Omiš Hinterland Source: Dinarides Trails

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Category: XC
Length (km): 29
Ascent (m): 330
Route direction: Mandušići - Gola glavica - Šestanovac - G. Vukušići - Kreševo

Route description:
The bike ride begins form the cemetery and church. Cycle several hundred metres toward Šestanovac and turn right onto gravel following signs to Gola Glavica. Same way back and turn right on the road to Marušići village. Here turn right and ride excellent gravel paths to the road leading from Zadvarje to Šestanovac. Pass the crossing in Šestanovac in direction of Imotski, after several hundred metres turn left and onward through Donji Vukušići to Gornji Vukušići. In Gornji Vukušići turn left and arrive back at the road to Imotski. Drive to Gornji Merčepi and turn left. Further on gravel paths through villages Balići and Maslovi to an old Roman road which can be used to descend back to the church or return to the road.

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