Croatian Bike Routes: Konavle near Dubrovnik

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Croatian Bike Routes: Konavle near Dubrovnik Source: Wikimedia

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Category: XC
Length (km): 31
Ascent (m): 483
Route direction: Ćilipi-Vignje-Bakići-Skurići-Klaići-Gornji Radovčići-Vignje-Ćilipi

Route description:
Start in Ćilipi heading north. At the first crossing continue right on asphalt and after 200 metres switch to good gravel. After 300 metres turn right onto former railroad track. For the next 7 km the route has various conditions. At the end comes asphalt. Here begins the first ascent and filter - climb to Radovčići on 9-17%. The route is a good gravel road and make sure to take the middle road at the fork. Asphalt begins in Radovčići for 100 metres uphill, then right onto single track and a hard right turn with opposite slope. After the single tack comes gravel and then asphalt with a left turn and descent of 1.5 km. The last 100 metres of asphalt is a 7% descent with a sharp turn right and onto gravel and climb for the next 300 metres. Then comes a straight section with a mild descent of 1.2 km, right turn and forest with good earth terrain. Turn left onto single track for 500 metres with rough gravel. At the end of the single track is a strong turn right and after 100 metres left onto asphalt. No rest as a demanding gravel and ascent begin for 2 km at 6 to 19%. From the top begins the descent on good gravel for 1 km, after two turns right comes asphalt and 300 metre descent, 6% left turn onto good gravel. After 1 km comes a vertical intersection, go left for 400 metres to asphalt road. Slight descent and straight for 800 metres, turning right onto gravel. Then comes a 6% ascent and third single track at the top of the climb. Technically demanding, at the end is a sharp turn right onto asphalt and into village. Two right turns after 100 metres. Straight for 300 metres and then right onto good gravel ending in asphalt and right turn onto main asphalt road. Next is 1.8 km without turns, then left into climb and right where asphalt ends and good gravel begins. The next ascent goes up to 15% and after 900 metres the fourth single track begins in the descent ending after 1.2 km with right turn onto asphalt. The asphalt section ends in decent and hard turn right. Short ride between houses and onto earth road. Winding route arrives to ascent on gravel for 500 metres and 8-9%. After the top come the last single track in the descent ending in a left turn and exit onto gravel and ascent ending after 200 metres. The next asphalt section is winding.

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