Croatian Bike Routes: Grebaštica near Šibenik

By , 23 Apr 2017, 23:40 PM Races and Rides

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Category: XCM
Length (km): 24
Ascent (m): 511
Route direction: Grebaštica - Brnjača - G.Banovci - Svirčići - Vrsnički maslinici - Vinovac - Široke - Grebaštica

Route description:
The route begins with an asphalt ascent for 1.5 kilometres, turning onto gravel and arriving after 3.5 km to Brnjača village, turning right onto gravel (very technical part of the route). At 5.3 km turn left onto asphalt toward G.Banovci and after 200 metres right onto gravel for 80 m and then hard left and on to Svirčići village on gravel for 5.5 km. At 11.5 km go left onto concrete ascent (10% for 200 m), onward is gravel with concrete on ascents. At 13 km begins a steep descent (sometimes 18%) toward Vinovac village. In Vinovac right for 1 km and right again to Široke on gravel. At 15 km begins an asphalt road with a short ascent and at 17 km the exciting part of the route for 1.6 km. The beginning of the descent (15% for 450 m) is 4 metres wide with a hard turn left into a 1-2 m wide section for 1.2 km. After the descent go left onto fire road to the bottom of Grebaštica Bay at the 22nd km with a gravel descent ending in a Z turn exiting onto the local road. After 200 m turn right onto gravel for 400 m and left to the end in front of St. Mary’s church.

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