Croatian Bike Routes: Velebit Roads and Trails

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Croatian Bike Routes: Velebit Roads and Trails Source: Denis Peroš

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Category: XC
Length (km): 66
Ascent (m): 800
Route direction: Gračac-Duboke Jasle-Alan road-Sv.Rok-Lovinac-Štikada-Gračac

Route description:
This is a circular route. The start is in Gračac in the direction of Zadar through Đekić Glavica, an old, forgotten road which used to be the main road to Dalmatia (or alternatively use the main road). Cross the railroad tracks and after a few kilometres connect to D1 road. Head to Prezid overpass with the same name tunnel. In case you missed the turn before the tunnel to the left, then pass through and at the exit turn right and you will reach the old road above the tunnel, heading to Ćelavac on an asphalt road with a more demanding ascent with serpentines. Passing through a rocky overpass, on the right will be Duboke Jasle where you need to descend to. Continue several hundred metres uphill and find a left turn onto a gravel road. Next comes a 5-6 kilometre descent. After Duboke Jasle comes another climb to Jaslansko Bilo, once at the top take the next fork right and at the next fork hard left. Next is a mild ascent to Terezijana road. This good gravel road is a long descent to Sv. Rok and onward to Lovinac. There are plenty of forks in the road so stick to the gpx, as after leaving Lovinac comes a poor gravel road, single track leading you over streams, rivers, small bridges… Your next contact with asphalt will be in Razboljine and Šimići. Stick with the asphalt to the main road and head right over the bridge, then left toward Štikada Lake. Ride on the embankment to the foot of Velebit Mountain and turn left. Next comes a single track leading you to the rail station in Gračac.

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