Croatian Bike Routes: Stankovci to Benkovac

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Category: XC
Length (km): 51
Ascent (m): 355
Route direction: Stankovci - Kolarina - Buković - Benkovac - Zapužane - Donje Ceranje - Dobra voda

Route description:
This technically undemanding cycling route starts in front of the firehouse in Budak village. Take the road and after a few hundred metres turn right, coming to the foot of a hill where the Budak fort is. Further on the road westward and after a few hundred metres turn right onto gravel through low bushes, underneath the highway to Kolarina village. Here it is best to follow the GPS track. It is also a mine-suspected area so do not wander off the track. In Kolarina turn again onto gravel towards Podgrađe and the next destination – Asserie was a Roman settlement built upon a Liburnia fort.

After touring the archaeology locality continue on to Benkovac. In Benkovac you can climb to Benković castle and visit the Homeland Museum Benkovac. From Benkovac head west, descending to the rail track to follow. Along the track to the rail viaduct, under it and out to the other side. Follow the trail leading through the forest to Kličevica fort. After a tour return the same way and head west and then left at the first wider gravel. This road leads to the foot of the bridge of the A1 highway. Carefully down into the canyon and under the bridge and on the track until you find an asphalt road. Go left and ride to Zapužani. At the crossing head right toward Biograd na moru, cycle several hundred metres and turn left.

Further east toward Donje Ceranje. Turn right when at a hill with remains of the Liburnia fort Ceranje. Return to the road and ride on to Dobra Voda until a left turn taking you to Budak and the starting point.

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