Croatian Bike Routes: Trilj Wine Roads

By , 11 Apr 2017, 15:50 PM Races and Rides

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Category: XC+Road
Length (km): 26
Ascent (m): 499
Route direction: Trilj – Gardun – Vojnić Sinjski – Kula Nutjak – Trilj – Strmendolac – Čaporice – Trilj

Route description:
After the first asphalt kilometre comes an intersection at the Trilj cathedral of St. Mihovil. Head left onto asphalt uphill to St. Peter church and cemetery. Ride on the narrow local road through Gardun toward Vojnić Sinjski. The asphalt ends and 1 kilometre of gravel begins to the first houses in Vojnić. Take the gravel road and an XC style descent. The gravel ends at the D1 state road, a great danger, so be careful. On the state road go right for 200-300 metres and turn left onto marked cycling gravel road and ride to the Nutjak tower lookout. Same way back onto D1, right to Trilj, crossing the bridge over Cetina. Turn left onto local asphalt road for 100 metres and take the first turn right, with mild and heavy ascent to Strmendolac, a clearly marked lookout point. Return to the local road which soon turns into gravel, with a tough ascent for some 150 metres. Onward is an exceptional XC descent that ends at the local road to Trilj and Čaporice. Head right and follow cycling signs to Čaprice and Trilj, around 7 kilometres away on a combination of asphalt and gravel.

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