Croatian Bike Routes: Hrvace near Sinj

By , 04 Apr 2017, 17:49 PM Races and Rides

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Category: XC
Length (km): 36
Ascent (m): 603
Route direction: Hrvace-Rumin-Gornji Bitelić-Peruča lake dam- Satrić - Zelovo - Lučane - Hrvace

Route description:
This route begins in Privoz in the Hrvatačko field, passed through part of it along Cetina River, onward to Panj, then left upstream along the Cetina to Bitelić. Continues to the Peruča dam, over it and down again to the Cetina, to the attractive hanging bridge (make sure you ride on it). Then a return uphill to the D1 road and to Satrić, then a short ride on the local asphalt road, some on gravel and to the Megram depression, the right to Zelovo and after 2 kilometres return to old Zelovo road, downhill on gravel to Popraduša. On excellent gravel to the Runje village and across several straight and long fields to Zorica village, descend to D1 road, left to Vrlika and at Jankovića House turn right into the field and after 2 kilometres to the finish.

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