Croatian Bike Routes: Ride around Klis near Split

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Category: XC
Length (km): 18
Ascent (m): 428
Route direction: Klis centre – Klis field – Jadro source - Klis Kosa - Klis centre

Route description:
Due to the geographical position of Klis, this is a rare route that starts downhill and returns uphill. The start and end of the route is beneath the most famous position in Klis, Klis fortress. From the fortress take the road to Rupotine and turn around and return below Ćaletina Greda in the direction Klis-Varoš. Cross the road and go downhill to the old bridge once used by the Klis light railroad. After the bridge go left and under the bridge. Here begins the Klis field, ride along Bandalova Kosa through Bralići and Barići villages until returning to the old railroad line in Klis Kosa. Then through Subašići into the field to Ozrnski Potok. Further on the path which crosses the stream several times over bridges. Onward the path takes us right on a slightly higher uphill. After it go right, at the next crossing left and left at the next. After a few hundred metres you will notice the St. John’s church. TO get to it turn left again. There is a small path to the church and it offers a wonderful view of Klis field. Return to the road and head left again and continue to descend on the remnants of the old Roman road taking you beneath Debela Glavica to the road. When on the road cross the bridge on the Jadro river and after it turn left onto the road taking you to the source. Return is the same way and then right across the bridge and uphill to the point where the road forks left to Klis Kosa and right to “kava.” Pass Klis Kosa again across the old rail bridge, cross the road and entre Klis Varoš from the east. Mind the frequent and dangerous road here. Ride through Varoš past the church and at the exit of Varoš turn right and arrive beneath Klis fortress, where you can explore the fortress and unforgettable view.

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