Croatian Bike Routes: Omiš-Zakučac

By , 10 Mar 2017, 15:09 PM Races and Rides

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Category: XC
Length (km): 43
Ascent (m): 877
Route direction: Omiš-Kostanje-Gata-Zakučac

Route description:
This route is very attractive due to extraordinary natural beauty in the Omiš area and is not overly demanding apart from the downhill descent on the Leopold Mandić Education Trail at the end of the route. The beginning of the route is in Omiš, follow the course of Cetina river and ride the asphalt to Kostanje. At the 9th kilometre on the serpentines there is a source of water. Upon arriving to Kostanje turn left and after 30 metres left again, follow the light downhill to Jurčevići village and at kilometre 24 go right, follow the road and after 250 metres connect left to a gravel road and begin the descent to a valley where you ride along the Cetina. Next is a climb, at kilometre 29 turn left again and connect to asphalt road leading to Gata village. At Gata turn back and at kilometre 36 go right next to the chapel and after 20 metres go right again, after a short descent head left on kilometre 37 and up the final short climb followed by an adrenaline descent on the Education Trail to Zakučac hydroelectric plant. At kilometre 38 off the gravel and after a few metres of descent to the right is a path which is hard to spot. This part of the route is not rideable, so push or carry the bike for some 300 metres, after arriving to the lookout you can begin the descent to Omiš.

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