Husqvarna Adria Bike Series 2017

By , 21 Feb 2017, 18:33 PM Races and Rides

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3 races on 2 wheels, at 3 locations in 1 story

After the 4th edition of the Adria Bike Marathon at Plitvice Lakes and last year’s 1st edition of Fužine 2 Sea and almost 3.000 participants in the past four years, the newest event is the Husqvarna Adria Bike Series.

Three different races but all with identical concept and clear Adria Bike signature challenge you to visit them all and compete with cyclists similar to yourself through a scoring system created for these races.

All three races will offer a minimum of three tracks to choose from, a short one of around 30 kilometres, one medium of around 50 and one long one of around 70 kilometres in length. The tracks are, as in all Adria Bike races, perfectly marked, with 3 or 4 feed zones during the race and a final feed zone in the finish. Timing is electronic and safety is in the care of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service and a professional team of doctors.

All races will have a race village with presentations of the most significant cycling brands and producers of supporting equipment, with test rides and more by the patrons and sponsors.

At every event there will be the ones who made this entire series possible – Husqvarna – with an offer of machines and devices for your leisure time and unavoidable rakija bar which has already grown into a central spot at all Adria Bike events.

Anyone above 18 years can participate in all races. Tracks are, depending on the length and location, adapted to all who are into mountain cycling for recreation, but at some sections, especially those of longer length, caution is needed. All such places will be specially marked on the very track.

Unlike most races where the points go only to the best, the scoring system enables most competitors to win races at every race.

Mark your calendar with three dates with top notch cycling weekends at the most attractive locations around Croatia.

All info on the Husqvarna Adria Bike Series can be found here.

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