Croatian Bike Routes: Seven Forts – Kaštela Ride

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Category: XC+Road
Legth (km): 31
Ascent (m): 573
Route direction: Kaštel Kambelovac - Kaštel Gomilica - Kaštel Sućurac – Fire road - Malačka - Rudine – Eden Garden - Kaštel Štafilić - Kaštel Novi - Kaštel Stari - Kaštel Lukšić - Kaštel Kambelovac

Route description:
This route gives true insight into the Kaštela area. It runs through all seven Kaštela towns along the sea and the gravel road underneath Kozjak mountain leaning over them. The start and finish f this circular route is at the parking lot of the cult Kaštela restaurant Baletna in Kambelovac. From the parking go along the sea due east and the marina in Gomilica. Climb to the old Kaštela road. Carefully along the edge of the road to the centre of Kaštel Sućurac. Left towards the fire house and the Kaštela bypass. Mind the railroad crossing. After crossing the bypass follow the road uphill to Sućurac graveyard. Take the road through the graveyard and continue on the gravel road heading east. After a hundred metres come a turn left and uphill. Once you make it up there is a fire road. Go right and further up with no turnoffs. At some point the ascent will level off, but then comes the hardest part of this route, the ascent to the Putalj mountain lodge. Follow the road uphill, cemented in some sections. At the plateau is a sign and a right turn to the lodge. Again a large ascent to the lodge. From the lodge you can enjoy a wonderful scenic view of Split and Kaštela Bay. From the lodge back down the fire road and follow it due west until you connect with an asphalt road heading to Malačka overpass on Kozjak. On the road and downhill. At the first bend go right onto gravel. Follow the road until the canyon with a road leading to the top and Botići village. Then downward towards Rudine village. Mind the railroad crossing again. After the crossing go left onto the road leading to the location known as Eden Garden. From the garden downhill to the bypass, but turn right onto the local road for Rudine before you reach the bypass. Take the underpass and follow it all the way south to the seaside. Another careful crossing of the old Kaštela road and down to the sea at Štafilić. Follow the sea shore east to the starting position.

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