Adria Bike Marathon Plitvice 2017

By , 12 Feb 2017, 15:05 PM Races and Rides

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The largest cycling event in Croatia and beyond in its fifth edition

17.06. & 18.06.2017.
Location: National Park Plitvice Lakes

The Adria Bike Marathon Plitvice has become an event which no mountain cycling lover misses out on. Professionals, those breathing down their necks and recreational riders of all types and ages gather for the weekend in Korenica, where the traditional gathering turned into a true cycling holiday.

Various teams, formed into clubs, associations or simply groups, occupy all the houses in the area as Plitvice turn into one giant party where the night before discussions take place on bikes, races, trips, parts, equipment and anything that goes with this wonderful hobby and sport.

Then on Sunday comes that magical feeling where people think equally, competing against the clock, with a friend, an eternal club rival, the track, yourself or ghosts of last night. But when the referees sound the start and the noise from the starting line dies out, there is only the sound of the chain and tyres and things fall into place. That feeling that reminds you why you love cycling so much.

Winners at the Adria Bike Marathon Plitvice have been some of the biggest cycling names in Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia. Over 2.500 competitors in four years. Don’t miss out on it!

Win Plitvice!

Tracks: 33 km, 49 km or 70 km, chosen during the race.

Men: 18 – 39 years (born from 01/01/1977 – 18/06/1999)
Men Masters: 40 – 49 years (born from 01/01/1967 -31/12/1976)
Men Grand Masters – over 50 years (born until 31/12/1966)
Women: no age limit
“Toners” – Men regardless of age who have a minimum 101 kilograms and want to apply for this category

Apply here.

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