Croatian Bike Routes: Biokovo Mountain from Zadvarje

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Category: All Mountain
Length (km): 23
Ascent (m): 581
Route direction: Zadvarje-Slime-Dubci-st.Nikola-Gornja Brela-Zadvarje

Route description:
This is an All Mountain route with a pronounced bike-carrying section, recommended for experienced MTB drivers. The beginning and end of the route is in Zadvarje town in the hinterland of Biokovo. Start by the local athletic field and head south. After 50 metres comes a local attraction on the left: Gubavica waterfall. Take the road to the end and the edge of Cetina river canyon. There are two waterfalls below. From there go back and at the first turn go right to the main road. On the road another 100 metres and again left to Murat tower. The tower stands since times of Turkish conquests and offers a view of all of Zadvarje, protected as cultural heritage. Back to the road and left. After another 20 metres there is another sightseeing point with a cross. The view is of Cetina river and Kraljevac hydroelectric plant right below Zadvarje. Continue on the main road to the sea. At the first turnoff go right towards Kraljevac. Follow the serpentines to the last bend. There go left onto gravel. Follow it to the small bridge over a stream. After the bridge go right and follow the gravel road leading uphill to Slime village. Head to the centre and the asphalt road. Left on the road and again left onto the main road leading to Dubci overpass. Before the overpass turn right onto a narrow road leading to the western peaks. Follow it to the point where you can observe the sea and Vrulja bay. Return to the main road and right to the intersection with the main road at Dubci overpass. Head back towards Zadvarje. After 2-3 kilometres there is a turnoff right onto gravel and a sign for St. Nikola. Follow the gravel uphill and take the first turnoff left. Further on gravel until a narrow valley with tiny bushes. Here comes the hard part. Across the valley and onto a narrow path on the left. Follow the path and you will find a sign on the first rock. This is the beginning of the path to St. Nikola’s church. This part if uphill and is not driveable, so carry the bike. Once on top of the hill and by the church, head left and northwest downhill. In the beginning the path is not driveable as it is very steep. After a few hundred metres comes a pine forest where you can begin to ride. Follow the single-track to Gornja Brela. In the second section the path becomes better. Descend to Gornja Brela and back to the main road, go right to Zadvarje.

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