Croatian Bike Routes: Prugovo near Dugopolje in Dalmatia

By , 04 Feb 2017, 16:16 PM Races and Rides

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Category: XC+Road
Length (km): 26
Ascent (m): 600
Route direction: Prugovo - Neorić - Prugovo

Route description:
This true XC ride begins in Prugovo village in the Dalmatia Hinterland. Begin from the St. Ante Padovanski church towards north along the hill also named Prugovo, with an ascent on fine gravel to the top. Further on the trail and we arrive to an abandoned village. Onward on the trail to the Zmajovača pool and another 300 metres forward, then turn right and climb to St. Ivan’s church. From the church go down on wide gravel to Beškeri village and cross an asphalt road. Further on to Denići village and turn right at the crossing and ride to the crossing in Kezići village and turn left. Further on the road to a wide gravel and turn left. On gravel to the Krivi Dolac village and turn left onto asphalt road and on to Neorić. From Neorić onward to the first T crossing, turn left to the next T crossing and turn left again, following signs to Split. Ride on the main road to Prugovo.

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