Croatian Bike Routes: Three Wind Generators near Šibenik

By , 30 Jan 2017, 07:47 AM Races and Rides

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Category: XC+Road
Length (km): 51
Ascent (m): 825
Route direction: Šibenik waterfront - Bilice - Orlovača - Danilo Biranj - Vrpolje - Orlice - Jadrtovac - Brodarica - Mandalina - Šibenik waterfront

Route description:
Start and end of this route is on the town waterfront. Go uphill to Poljana and at the stop light go left onto Kralja Zvonimira street. Follow the street uphill. Soon you will arrive to the Adriatic scenic road crossing. Continue straight on and turn right at the crossing towards the highway. Cross over the highway and follow the path right and east. Pass the crossing with D33 that leads to Konjevrate. After that come an ascent below the eastern slopes of the hills with the wine generators. At the last wind generators comes a descent towards Danilo Biranja village. Head through the Biranj valley east. Around halfway through the valley go right towards the next wind generators and on to the highway overpass and connecting road to Vrpolje. When in Vrpolje continue straight across the main road to the railroad. Once across the rails follow the GPS, not to get lost. This section has many gravel and paved roads leading to the base of Orlice hill with more wind generators. Once on the clearing above the bushes below the wind generators, continue west and descend through the bushes to the edge of the Vrpolje valley. Follow the edge of the valley, below the vineyards towards Jadrtovac bay. In Jadrtovac follow the road west to the Adriatic scenic road and bay bridge. Further on via the scenic road to Šibenik. Once past the shopping malls go right in a semi-circle west. Pass the Auto-Centre Šibenik and through Mandalina area on to the town port and the waterfront.

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