Croatian Bike Routes: Stankovci near Šibenik

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Category: XCM
Length (km): 27
Ascent (m): 184
Route direction: Stankovci-Budak-Crljenik-Stankovci

Route description:
This route begins in the centre of town near the municipal and school building on the d27 road. After 2 km in the Budak village turn into the pine forest, with a slight ascent to the hill above the settlement where on a nice day there is a view of Dinara and Velebit mountains and the sea. Moving on you will encounter remains of trenches from the Homeland war and a lookout fort from the 15th century. Head onward to the highway and crossing the overpass follow the pipeline to the next overpass and head back to Budak. Along the way you will pass an oak forest and climb the Čučkovica hill, descending to Budak and D27. At the road go left to the St. Catherine church and continue for around 1.5 km ad return to the field. Upon exiting the karst there is a view of Budak village and Stankovci town as well as farm land, with a view of the bell tower of the Assumption of Mary church, built by the farmers of the area with stone from the nearby Vinac hill. Descend to the town and follow local paths crossing over old bridges, arriving to the Stankovci karst with a semi-circle that brings you to valleys that in winter become the sea and back to the point of departure.

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