Croatian Bike Routes: Šatorina on Velebit Mountain

By , 13 Jan 2017, 12:05 PM Races and Rides

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Category: XC
Length (km): 73
Ascent (m): 2800
Route direction: Sušanj Cesarički - Kugina kuća - Štirovača - Mrkvište - Šatorina peak - Kugina kuća - Dabarski kukovi - Sušanj Cesarički

Route description:
Start from Sušanj Cesarički to Kugina kuća, the first few kilometres are asphalt, followed by 10 kilometres of ascent on gravel and descent to Kugina kuća. Then comes a pleasant gravel and descent through Štirovača, followed by an asphalt road up to Mrkvište. From Mrkvište comes a descent through dense forest on a wide gravel road after which comes the ascent to Šatorina peak. At kilometre 44 there is a barely noticeable single track which is driveable for about 2 kilometres, from where you need to carry your bike about 1.5 kilometres to the peak. On your return literally follow the navigation as the trails are not well marked, towards the gravel road that leads back to Kugina kuća. It is a very steep hiking path, so either carry or push the bike. Further on to Kugina kuća then on to Dabarski kukovi on gravel, which is quite good in that section. In the end on asphalt to the car.

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