Croatian Bike Route: Kamešnica Mountain Near Trilj

By , 07 Dec 2016, 20:41 PM Races and Rides

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Category: XC
Length (km): 42
Ascent (m): 913
Route direction: Voštane - Ošljar - Sv. Mihovil na Žablini

Route description:
It is best to begin cycling right after the turn to Voštane from the road Trilj-Kamensko. Along the road are places you can park. We begin on an asphalt road towards Voštane, useful to warm up our muscles before mountain cycling. After passing Voštane, at the first crossing continue on following the sign for Konj. Keep riding on the asphalt road and then turn right onto a double track gravel. Keep on the gravel until the first branch to the right. Keep going in the direction of Ošljar. After a few hundred metres east you will be able to see the peak you’re riding to and the cross on it. When at Ošljar, you will have a wonderful view of Buško Blato, one of the largest artificial lakes in Europe. We return the same way, at the point where we turned to Ošljar we again turn left towards Ledušić Staje. Along the way are stone monuments to life in long gone times. Here are pastures which you can ride on as well. Now head back to the crossing where you turned towards Konj and then head right to the mountain shelter St, Mihovil on Žablina. The road to Žablina is a wide gravel, but quite steep and is the hardest section, where those with less endurance will gett off the bikes. At Žablina you can rest at the mountain shelter or ride and tour Sanja’s cave. The return id the same way with caution as the gravel is slippery.

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