Dinara: Vrdovo – Troglav – Vještića gora – Vrdovo

By , 23 Sep 2016, 23:07 PM Cycle Routes

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Track specification
Name: Dinara: Vrdovo – Troglav – Vještića gora – Vrdovo
Category: XC+Hike
Length (km): 35
Ascent (m): 1160
Route direction: Planinarski dom Vrdovo – Vrh Troglava – Vještića gora – Planinarski dom Vrdovo

Trail description: This trail is a true example of trails we present on our web pages and contains all elements needed to enjoy the Dinarides range: accessible mountain lodge where you can eat and/or sleep, a true mountain cycling ride and at the end a section of hiking to the top. The beginning of this trail is outside the mountain lodge Sv.Jakov Vrdovo. A road leads up to for vehicle access, with parking outside the lodge. Right above the lodge a mountain trail starts that leads to gravel heading west and towards the peak of Troglav. Take the gravel uphill to the first crossing. Go left and follow the path west. The gravel trail passes to the south of Vještića Gora and at the end push right and uphill towards a road coming from the north side of Vještića gora. In this area are many leftover mines so stick strictly to the road. This section is quite rough at times and with large slopes. When at the intersection, head west to the point where the hiking trail starts to the top. This point is marked with a sign and is located on the south side of Ledena Kosa. Here comes the hike part. take the hiking trail on the southwest side of Ledena Gora all the way to the ridge. At the ridge, take the left edge of Troglav to the very top (1.913 m above sea level) which is marked. Return is the same way to the crossing of the south and north trails around Vještića Gora. Here follow the gravel left towards the east. At the first large crossing, again right towards east, the left leads to the villages in Livanjsko valley and north side of Troglav. After that there are two turns, first right and second left, which you can avoid and keep going straight until coming again to the road to Vrdovo. Further on the gravel road downhill all the way to the bottom into the valley and the main road home. Here go right and right again uphill to the lodge. There is a variation to take the hiking trail above the lodge on the right and do a downhill descent all the way home.

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