Gear You Need When Cycling Croatia

By , 21 Jun 2016, 11:19 AM Bike gear

Cyclo tourism is big in Croatia, with tourists coming from all over the world to explore this beautiful country on two wheels.

Increasingly, we are seeing many people new to cycling riding around without the correct equipment. I'm not talking about fancy jerseys, and helmet mounted cameras but the basics. So if you coming to Croatia here are the absolute minimum pieces of cycling equipment you'll need to cycle safely and comfortably.


Hello! I know this is really obvious, but I just wanted to say that if you are just getting into cycling there is no need to go out and spend your life savings on a specialised carbon fibre bike. Start off cheap. As long as the bike is safe and functions as designed that's all you need.


In my opinion, helmets are an absolute necessity. If you come off a bike and hit your head, it will split like a melon, so why take the risk? In Croatia, the law states that children under 16 are required to wear a helmet. Again, no need to spend a fortune, but just get something that meets the EU standards.


If you are planning on riding at night or in poor visibility you are required by law to have lights on your bike. It's as simple as white lights on the front and red on the back. There are some great lights available these days which are relatively inexpensive.

Bike shorts

When starting out cycling can literally be a pain in the butt. There will be a period of adjustment as your butt becomes accustomed to all accustomed to all the riding. Whilst it's possible to ride in regular shorts, they become really uncomfortable quickly. Padded cycling shorts are really important if you plan on riding frequently and for longer distances and are designed to make you comfortable when riding.

Chamois Cream 

This moisturising cream will save you from getting painful rashes and abrasions from friction between your nether regions and the seat of your bike. Apply it liberally to save yourself lots of unnecessary pain.

Tools and spares

At some point, you will be getting a flat tyre. What happens when you're in the middle of the Northern Velebit National Park and that inevitable flat tyre strikes? You need to be prepared because there will be no one to save you. Before you ride anywhere get yourself a little tool and puncture kit. There are some great options available and they are cheap. But before you jump on your bike and head off you need to know how to use the kit and repair a flat before you start cycling. Try it out at home and master the art of changing a tyre, that way you can cycle anywhere with a level of confidence.

Appropriate Clothing

If you planning on cycling from continental Croatia to coastal Croatia it's important you understand that they have different climates and you can easily get caught out in the rain in continental Croatia or similarly get caught in scorching hot temperatures on the Coast. Do your homework on the weather and take the appropriate clothing.

Cycling 101

Be sure you have a good understanding of basic cycling principles, like how to indicate, ride in traffic, ride around pedestrians, basic bike maintenance, overtaking and get some knowledge on Croatian bicycle laws. Don't assume its the same as your home country.

 There you have it, the basics of what's required to cycle in Croatia. Happy Cycling.



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